Friday Layers - (1/1) - Medium

Friday Layers - (1/1) - Medium Friday Layers - (1/1) - Medium

Friday Layers - (1/1) - Medium

Mens (Unisex) Bleach Distressed T-Shirt

Each custom 1/1 piece is completely unique and hand made; no two will ever be the same. Be advised bleach distressing can cause holes, your shirt may arrive with holes or they may appear in the future. 

Due to the nature of these custom made products these garments should be considered delicate. Excessive machine washing and drying can cause further damage to the already delicate fabric. 

Washing Instructions: Wash shirt separately before wearing, traces of bleach may still be in the fabric even though they have been washed. Carefully hand wash in cold water, being very careful with bleached and ripped areas as the fabric can become thin and fragile through the bleaching and distressing process. 

*Please refer to the size chart before placing your order. We can not accept returns or exchanges because all shirts are Made To Order. For store policies regarding sizing, shipping, returns, international orders, and more please visit FAQ / Store Policies 

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